New Species of Adontosternarchus (Gymnotiformes, Apteronotidae) from the Rio Purus Basin, Brazil

  • Carlos David de Santana und Richard P. Vari


    A new species of the genus Adontosternarchus (Gymnotiformes, Apteronotidae) is described from samples collected during high water periods in a relatively restricted area within the Rio Purus basin, Amazonas, Brazil. Adontosternarchus duartei differs from congeners in a series of details of pigmentation, meristics, and morphometrics and represents the sixth species in the genus. A key to the species of Adontosternarchus is provided.
    Quelle: Copeia: September 2012, Vol. 2012, No. 3, pp. 535-540 (Der vollständige Artikel ist kostenpflichtig.)

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