Fishes from the São Francisco River

  • Peixes de Agua Doce
    "Fishes from the São Francisco River - subtitles"


    The documentary "Fishes from the São Francisco River" displays for the first time, the underwater world of fishes in the São Francisco River Basin and the relationships between people, fishes and river. Through 384 hours of diving during two years, the ecology and behavior of the species are shown in high definition, from the source to the channel of the São Francisco River, passing by Cipó and Pandeiros Rivers. The river dwellers reveal a large traditional knowledge about the habits of the fishes and expose their values, needs, and wonder at the river. The relationship of riparian people with fishes and São Francisco River is amazing, and shows the need to preserve the identity of these characters from the river and the natural resources of the basin.

    Quelle: Peixes de Agua Doce auf YouTube