Parotocinclus nandae, a new distinctive colored catfish (Loricariidae: Hypoptopomatinae) from the upper Rio Paraguaçu, Bahia State, northeastern Brazil

  • Pablo Lehmann A., , Priscila Camelier & Angela Zanata



    A new species of Parotocinclus from the upper Rio Paraguaçu, Bahia, Brazil, is described. The new species is distinguished from all congeners by its unique color pattern, with irregular dark blotches resulting in a somewhat marble-spotted pattern on head and trunk of most specimens and dorsum of head with a conspicuous V-shaped light mark from tip of snout to nares. The new species is also distinguished from congeners by having the lower lip elongated posteriorly and reaching or surpassing the anterior margin of cleithrum on the pectoral girdle, the canal cheek plate on the ventral surface of the head reduced and with a slightly concave margin, and abdomen covered by small embedded platelets, without contact with each other and not arranged in a line between the pectoral-fin axilla and pelvic-fin origin. The presence of a thick and rough skin in the interradial membrane of pelvic fin exclusively in the females of P. nandae is reported by the first time to occurs in Siluriformes.

    Quelle: PlosOne